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Pairing Whiskey With Steak and Other Fine Meats

There are many ways to pair and enjoy your whiskey with steak. When you want to pair the whiskey with the right type of meat, here are a few things that you should consider. You should consider the fat content of the meat, how it is prepared as well as the sauces or flavors you need to add to your dish.

Turning towards the drinks, your drink should be like something robust that actually adds flavor to your palate. As you have cooked or ordered a delicious steak, it needs to be accompanied by the right kind of drink. Whether you are planning to enjoy roasted beef, tri-tip or a rare filet, there are a lot of whiskeys and you can choose from.

Some people will love to have ribeye with an Islay Scotch such as Ardbeg Uigedail or Lagavulin 16, while others may consider filet or sirloin with a more subtle smoother vintage.

Now let's check some combinations of whiskeys and steaks that you can consider to plan your next dinner.

TASTING NOTES :Respect the whiskey for maximum taste

Some of the best bourbons in this world spend years in different or sometimes single casks just to serve you well.

The reason behind this is that whiskey just like wine takes its time to unfold its complexities.

Some believe playing with the whiskey while letting it breathe, is the best way to experience a one of a kind taste.

Whirl it in the glass, a gentle spin, not like a cyclone but more like Pique. You will be amazed at the change in taste.

Speymalt Macallan turns into a whole another drink when given time to breathe; you can try it yourself.