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Monthly Archives: December 2017

  • 5 Bourbon Whiskeys You Should Try At Least Once In Lifetime

    There’s nothing like strong, smooth and sweet bourbon to take the edge off after a long day. Nodding in agreement? Here we are listing the five best bourbons around that are worthy of a sip once in your life.

    Buffalo Trace

    Buffalo Trace Bourbon Whiskys


    Being a consistent award conqueror across the globe, Buffalo Trace Straight is a no-frills bourbon. Rich and complex notes of the vanilla, toffee and the candied fruit with a deep amber hue leave a feeling of pleasant taste.

    Four Roses Small Batch

    Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon Whisky


    A flavorful punch of spices, honey, and toasted oak is fused in each sip of this mind-blowing whiskey. The Four Roses Bourbon is the conquered five stars by the Spirit Journal and a Silver Medal at the International Spirits Challenge.

    It’s a blended bourbon comprised of four select batches that all marry together to produce an enjoyable tasting experience.

    Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve

    Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve Bourbon Whisky


    Aged for nine years in hand-selected barrels, the Knob Creek single barrel bourbon confers an enjoyable tasting experience to its fan. Deep and complex flavors of vanilla, nuts, and oak are married together to formulate this heavenly drink.

    Eagle Rare 10 Year

    Eagle Rare 10 Year Bourbon whisky


    A complex aroma and a pleasing taste that lingers nicely on the palate infused to form this amazing whiskey. As the name conveys, Eagle Rare bourbon is as American as the soaring bird itself. Notes of candied almonds and rich cocoa lend a lightly sweetened flavor to this flavorsome drink.

    Booker’s Bourbon


    Last but not the least; you can’t effort to ignore the only bourbons that are bottled straight from the barrel, uncut, and unfiltered. Initially distilled as a holiday gift for founder Booker Noe’s family and close friends, Bookers are now the smoothest bourbon around the globe. The strong blend of tobacco, tannin, dark fruit, and smoke can make you go crazy for another sip.

    With these awesome bourbons, it’s time to raise your glass to say Cheers!

  • NO NAME Is The Peatiest Whisky Ever!

    Right here is the peatiest-ever whisky released to date from the great Compass Box, and the name of that superb-tasting drink is “NO NAME.” The whisky really doesn’t need another name as it speaks for itself.

    compass box no name whisky


    Massively, interesting and greatly delicious, this limited-edition whisky is massive regarding the complexity of flavor and intensity. Though Compass Box No Name whisky brims with complex peatiness, it is tampered with a few hints of fruity character and has an underlying sweetness.

    Inspiration Behind NO NAME

    The idea behind this whisky came from a parcel of casks of mature and heavily peated single malt whisky. A well-known distillery, located near Pier Road in the Southeast of the Islay Island, sent this parcel. This malt whisky had a different peat profile than that of the Peat Monster that is a staple peated Blended Malt Scotch Whisky in the product line of Compass Box. That’s why the parcel of casks was set aside by the company as a special limited-edition drink with a unique name.

    The Recipe

    compass box no name whisky


    Packed with peat, No Name whisky consists of the following:

    • 5% malt whisky produced on Pier Road, Islay
    • 6% malt whisky made near Port Askaig village
    • 4% malt whisky produced near Brora village
    • 5% Highland malt blend

    Additionally, the whisky also consists of malt whisky finished in French oak that lends it its lovely sweetness and richness.

    Bottled at 48.9% ABV, Compass Box has released total 15,000 bottles of No Name worldwide. The product was first launched in Europe on 1st October 2017 and in the US on 1st November 2017 at the cost of £100 / $125 SRP.

    Fragrance: Tarry ropes and engine oil, and also features a touch of stewed plum and citrus zest.

    Palate: Pow, lots of earthy, woodsy smoke. And, it has little Sherried notes with a balancing sweetness.

    Finish: Cinnamon, brown sugar and waves of smoke.

    No color additives! Just pure and amazing taste! Get this non-chilled filtered product now and enjoy!

  • Spice Tree Extra Extravaganza- A Winning Melody of Ice and Whiskey

    There will be no whiskey aficionado who hasn’t tipped his hat to the taste of Compass Box’s original Spice Tree. The Signature Range classic has now resurrected after a gap of 10 years in all its glory with a more elegant frame and flavor. Let give a huge round of applause to the superstar of the whiskey world “Spice Tree Extravaganza.”

    Compass box Spice Tree Extra Extravaganza


    Reinterpreting the older components, the whiskey has a significant twist of sherry-cask aged malt whiskey. Oodles of sherry and sugar with the warming caress of spicy ginger and clove in this whiskey provide the new depth of flavors that casts a spell. Let’s figure out more about this flavorful whiskey.

    The playful aroma

    The rich, spicy character of Spice Tree with a sherry kick indulges the nose with a playful essence. Clove, sherry, vanilla, cinnamon, toffee-sweet malt and a bit of dry oak and cinnamon will get you lost in its aroma.

    The pallet coddles with a blast of baking spices, toasted malt, and mulled wine with a punch of vanilla cream and blood orange zest.

    Taste to die for

    Dark and caramelized, rich and rummy syrupy sugar infused in the whiskey overwhelms the taste buds with its sweetness. However, the sticky date with caramel and mixed dark berries in it enforces to fall in love with its taste. The warm and firm flavors are enlivened by dark chocolate rocky road, warming ginger, lots of cloves and winy sherry notes.

    Substantial finish

    Compass box Spice Tree Extra Extravaganza


    The flavor of ginger, wood spice, and banana bread is mingled with dark cherries preserved in brandy and fortified wines. It is hard to resist sweet and sugary mélange of blackberry compote with rummy and dark molasses. The magic of the whiskey leaves you with a rich flavor of powdery chocolate and more vanillas with lingering cola.

    If you got a sweet tooth, congrats, you are in for a treat with the spice tree extravaganza. Unlock and enjoy!


  • 7 Interesting Facts You Might Don’t Know about Johnnie Walker Blue Label Scotch

    What do you know about Johnnie Walker Blue Label Scotch?

    Well, some scotch aficionado may answer It’s a damn fine whiskey, blended with grain except for the Green Label “vatted malt.”

    Yes, that’s true, but there is much more you didn’t know about this world-class scotch. Read on to find out.


    Johnnie Walker is the most admired Scotch in the world.

    Yes, you heard it right. Johnnie Walker Blue Label Scotch is one of the most popular and widely distributed brands in the world of Scotch whiskey.

    It is the amalgamation of finest flavors from the four corners of Scotland

    This unrivaled masterpiece is an exquisite blend of Scotland’s rarest and most exceptional Scotch Whiskies with elusive quality, character, and flavor.

    Johnnie Walker Blue Label has been the victor of many major awards

    Six Le Monde Selection Grand Golds and three Double Golds at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition are some of the great achievements of this exquisite whiskey.

    Johnnie Walker blue label anniversary edition is created to celebrate John Walker’s birthday.

    The special limited edition anniversary pack of Johnnie Walker Blue Label Scotch commemorates the pioneering spirit and groundbreaking style of John and Alexander Walker on the 200th anniversary of John Walker's birthday, on 25th July 1805.

    There is a $22,000 bottle of Johnnie Walker

    Do you know a bottle of $22,577.44 Johnnie Walker bottle with a blend of 45- to 70- year-old whiskeys exists? Well, no need to reach out that huge briefcase of cash; it’s not for sale.

    Johnnie Walker was originally called Walker’s Kilmarnock Whisky

    Named after the Scottish grocer Johnnie Walker, who used to sell the whiskey in his grocer’s shop in Ayrshire, Scotland, Johnnie Walker whiskey was initially called Walker’s Kilmarnock Whisky.

    Johnnie Walker bottles have made countless appearances on TV shows

    Recall the scene in Superman 3, in which Superman drinks Johnnie Walker Red Label after he’s exposed to synthetic kryptonite, and The Sopranos. There Salvatore Bonpensiero hands over a bottle of Johnnie Walker as a gift.


    No one turns down Johnnie and if you know these facts as well, chances are you’ll be even more of a hit.



  • Have a Shot Of Tamdhu 50 Yo Speyside Whiskey And Savor Your Taste Buds

    Matured high up in barrelhouses of European oak Sherry butt, Tamdhu is a 50-year-old Speyside whiskey awash with an aroma of appealing nuttiness and flavors. It’s a drink that you would appreciate and demand another glass.

    Tamdhu 50 Yo Speyside Whiskey


    Tamdhu whiskey was created by the team of British Craftspeople with glass designers, crystal expert and silversmiths like Katy Holford and Royal Brierley.

    With over 100 bottles manufactured, it’s no ordinary whiskey, and there’s no beating of this classic bottle. Tamdhu is more like a history in a bottle with a plethora of savory flavors and pleasing taste. If you want to glee your taste buds with some serious flavors and want to know more about this whiskey, read on below:


    The appearance of Tamdhu is deep amber, delighting you with the overwhelming rush of smoky and rich mahogany followed by the hints of exotic fruits and delicious flavors.

    On the Nose

    Tamdhu 50 Yo Speyside Whiskey


    Pleasing notes from the oak, the pleasurable aroma of forest fruits and orange depths will bring you into the world of pleasing whiskey. With flavors of cloves, espresso, baked apples and licorice, it’s a bottle of joy you would love to honor. With the flavors of cocoa, ginger, maple syrup, and walnuts, the whiskey will get you lost in his aroma.

    Palatable Taste

    With the overwhelming taste of coffee, cloves, and baked apples the Tamdhu will savor your tooth. It’s enigmatic and most premium whiskey you would love to try. The palate is thick and deep with mingling smoky flavors.

    Tamdhu 50 Yo Speyside Whiskey


    Intense, sweet, long, dry and full of flavors, the Tamdhu legacy will delight you with mystical European landscape. The nose will be reminiscent of delightful flavors to gulp in. The aromatic richness of dram and the expression of art, the Whiskey will bring the history and heritage on your platter.

    If you want to gulp and enjoy the heritage with soothing flavors and delightful taste, congrats! You have got Tamdhu -50-year-old Speyside malt whiskey.




  • 3 Tips For A Perfect Food and Bourbon Pairing

    Bourbon is the liquified gold drink, sweet on the tongue and loved by many. Experiencing a rising demand in the market, this American classic drink has a wide range of flavour and quality.

    Available in many flavour characteristics like nutmeg and cinnamon, Bourbon’s core characteristic is caramelized sweetness which comes from its aging in charred oak new barrels.

    You can pair it with food which have a caramelized element be it meat or dessert. Being a southern drink, Bourbon pairs extremely well with southern dishes. It classes up your meal but ensure that none overpowers the other in terms of flavour. To begin with, you can try pairing it with fruits, nuts, sweet potatoes, maple syrup and chocolates. Continue reading

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