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6 delicious Brandy cocktails to try this Christmas

A lovely glass of Palmes d'Or champagne infused cocktail is a delicious drink to enjoy at any party. But when it comes to Christmas, reflecting the spirit of the holidays could be through a drink menu would be amazing. A brandy filled with rich flavors can add to the festive mood. Its fruity and nutty taste in combination with the warmth it spreads through the soft flavors is amazing. While a plain glass of brandy sure is impressive, a cocktail would be perfection. So this festive season add the following simple brandy infused cocktail to your menu.

1. Three Barrel Royale

The enticing aroma of coffee is a constant for making every day special. Coffee infused with spirits is a common practice in many countries such as Italy where it is called Caffe Corretto. A three barrel Royale infuses enriching flavors of Irish coffee with brandy to create magical moments this Christmas.

Three Barrel Royale Source

What you need:

1. 1 cup of Hot Black Coffee
2. Coffee beans
3. Whipped Double cream
4. 30 ml three Barrel VSOP Brandy
5. 1 teaspoon brown sugar/ honey

How to Make:

1. Pour the hot coffee in a cocktail glass and add the brandy and 2 spoons of sugar or honey.
2. Dissolve the mixture completely. Add the double cream to the top over the back of a spoon into the cocktail.
3. Garnish the drink with some coffee beans.
4. An amazing variation of this cocktail would be to switch the Three Royale VSOP with Johnnie Walker King George which will also give you a delicious glass of drink to cherish.

2. Brandy Alexander

Like the name this cocktail will capture your hearts with its creamy texture and contrasting flavors. The cocktail simply needs three ingredients and the resulting drink is incredible. Its simplicity and exquisite taste is the reason behind why this is a cocktail constant since the 20th Century. It is rich, soft and creamy with a punch of booze that is absolutely a delight.

Brandy AlexanderSource

What you need:

1. 2 cups of Brandy – preferably Cognac to achieve the authentic flavors
2. Whipped cream
3. Dark crème de cacao
4. Grated Nutmeg

How to make:

1. Add the Cognac, cream and Dark crème de cacao to a cocktail shaker along with some ice and shake it.
2. Pour the mixture into a cocktail glass
3. Use grated nutmeg to garnish this drink and serve with a meaty dinner to pair with this amazing cocktail.

3. Sidecar

This delicious cocktail is also a sight to the sore eye brimming in vibrant orange. This drink blends that sour tones of citrus with the fruity and nutty flavors of Cognac to create a mystical mixture. The warm touch of brandy clashes with the refreshing taste of lemon and orange to create a gorgeous glass of drink for your Christmas. The drink is usually prepared with bourbon whereas replacing it with some cherry brandy or royal salute is just as amazing.


What you need:

1. 1 cup of Cognac
2. ¼ cup lemon juice
3. ¼ cup Cointreau Orange liqueur
4. ¼ cup orange juice
5. Lemon twists to garnish

How to make

1. Add the lemon juice, orange juice, Cointreau Orange Liqueur, and Cognac to a shaker along with some ice and mix them.
2. Pour the mixture into a cocktail glass and garnish with some lemon twists.
3. If you want to serve the drink the classic way then rim the glass with some sugar to create a contrasting clash of sour, sweet and fruity in every sip.

Note: A fine glass of Red Hennessy would be a great choice of Cognac to fill the cocktail with exotic flavors.

4. Oscar`s isle

This drink is the perfect balance of achieving boozy but not too strong and is a complex weave of diverse flavors. This is a lovely combination of rum and brandy enriched with sweet vermouth to create a fine base of flavors. The Fino sherry introduces sweetness to the equation and expands the palate with a depth of nuttiness.

What you need:

1. 1 cup of Aged Rum
2. ¾ cup of sweet vermouth
3. 1/4th Maraschino
4. ½ cup Fino sherry
5. 1 cup Raynal brandy
6. Dash Creole Bitters
7. Orange twists

How to make:

1. Combine the Fino Sherry, Raynal Brandy, Dash Creole Bitters, Maraschino along with some ice in a shaker and mix them together.
2. Now add some rum and vermouth and shake well again.
3. Strain the drink into a cocktail glass and serve it after garnishing with orange twists.

Note: You can also replace the rum with some Johnnie Walker swing to create a strong and punchy drink.

5. Lumumba

This drink combines 2 amazing ingredients on this earth into one outstanding drink. This cocktail is a mixture of chocolate and brandy that deeply enhance the flavors of each other elegantly. The cocktail is a boozy twist to your favorite glass of chocolate milk that you can enjoy during a snowy Christmas dinner.


What you need:

1. ½ cup Sayat Nova Brandy
2. Grated dark chocolate
3. Chocolate milk

How to make:

1. Mix the chocolate milk and brandy together in a tall glass.
2. Add the chocolate shavings to the top and serve this delightful drink.

Note: The drink tastes best when the chocolate milk is not too sweet. Also, the use of dark chocolate gratings will hence enhance the depth of the brandy flavor in the cocktail.

6. Widow's kiss

This cocktail flaunts the elegant shades of fruity brandy that is brown with a dazzling shade of gold. It is a mixture of herbal flavors with sweet and punchy booze that makes it the perfect choice to cherish by your fireplace watching the snow during the Christmas.

Widow's kissSource

What you need:

1. ¾ cups of Benedictine
2. 1 1.2 cups of Calvados [Daron]
3. 3/4th cups of Green Chartreuse
4. Maraschino cherry

How to make:

1. Mix Benedictine, Green Chartreuse and Calvados in a shaker to blend together.
2. Strain into a glass and garnish the drink with some maraschino cherry and serve.

This Christmas make sure you serve some fine bottles of brandy infused into modern cocktails that will add some flavors to the spirit of the holidays.







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