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Monthly Archives: February 2018

  • Forget Tea: Drink these 10 Whiskeys Instead

    Drinking whiskey is too mainstream, isn’t it? Well, you can certainly substitute your traditional norm of drinking tea to that of whiskey. Not only soothing, you will be surprised to know that drinking whiskey has some great health benefits . It can help you shed off a few pounds, enhance metabolism, avoid cancer and diabetes. It can also help in treating various problems like common cold, sore throat and improve your way of life.

    If you’re looking to relax a bit, we have you backed up with these 10 whiskey options that will help you unwind even better than your tea! They have ingredients and aroma similar to tea which will keep you refreshed throughout the day.

    1. The Macallan Sherry Oak:

    Macallan Sherry Oak whiskey has a magical aroma of ginger and other spices. This dessert whiskey has the goodness of dry fruits with a tint of wood smoke. It is delicious and is the perfect drink to kick start your day!

    2. Compass Box Phenomenology:

    Compass Box Phenomenology whiskey is one of its kind. You have to drink it to know and understand its flavors and aromas. It has the essence of raisins, lemons, pepper sandalwood, plums, beef broth, anise, raisins and black grapes. It is very rich, buttery and is quite sweet in taste.

    3. Bulleit Bourbon Whiskey:

    Bulleit Bourbon whiskey is still quite renowned because it has a 28% rye content whereas others have hardly about 8% or 10%. It is intermixed with various spices and oak. The huge content of rye also imparts spiciness to the whiskey. Drink in less quantity as it can make you high easily.

    4. Johnnie Walker:

    Johnnie Walker which has been aged for about 18 years is a good option if you want to enjoy a mature wine in a good budget and at the same time want to relish the flavors of Johnnie Walker. You can feel the elements of citrus and almonds as you gulp down this whiskey. Savour the bittersweet taste with vanilla flavors. It flows into the mouth effortlessly and you will experience a tangy taste at the end with a hint of charcoal smokiness.

    5. Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey:

    As the name says, this Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey has a good concentration of cinnamon in it. Having a sweet taste, it is like a candy named a Ferrara candy and has a concentration of about 33% alcohol. Though it has always been popular for the newbies to the whiskey world, it still is among everybody’s favorite, be it young or old. The syrupy mixture of cinnamon makes it just the right drink to relax after a tiring day.

    6. Breuckelen Distilling Straight Bourbon Wheated:

    While enjoying this whiskey, one can feel the flavors of caramel, oak and other baking spices. Truly a feast, this bourbon is manufactured using wheat, corn and barley. This is allowed to age for a period of about 4 years in 53 gallon barrels and has about 50% alcohol in it. It has a very stylish packaging and bottle. It is comfortably warm and very refreshing. Its amazing taste makes it a great ingredient for several cocktails but it can also be taken neat.

    7. The Macallan Edition No. 3:

    The Macallan Scotch whiskey has the aroma of vanilla ice cream with the fragrance of the sweet roses. You can feel the freshness of the flowers and the hints of ginger and cardamom which makes it very refreshing to drink. You can also feel the taste of citrus due to the presence of green apple and pear. You will also feel the warm undertones of chocolate and oak at the end.
    This whiskey is certainly unusual from other whiskeys that you have tasted of this brand.

    8. Blair Athol Apple Blossom Wemyss:

    Aged for about 25 years, this whiskey has the blend of apple cider, melons, vanilla, oak along with various spices and cloves. It has a sweet taste and flows easily into the mouth while you feel its magic.

    9. The Macallan 12 Year Old Double Cask:

    As the name says, this whiskey is allowed to age in two casks one after the other- initially in the American oak cask with sherry and later in the European oak sherry. This helps in elevating its taste and smoothness. It has the hints of honey, cinnamon, butterscotch, orange, vanilla, apple, raisins, citrus and other spices. It leaves a sweet, warm and drying finish at the end.

    10. Two James Distillery Smoking Gun Whiskey:

    Johnny Smoking Gun has approximately 70% corn whiskey and 30% rye in it. It can be best paired with Japanese dishes, in fact it is specially manufactured to pair with them. It also has a blend of three teas with it and leaves a smokey finish when you sip it down.

    Keep drinking these amazing whiskeys to keep yourself refreshed!

  • The Art of Slow Whiskey Drinking

    Like several other art forms, drinking whiskey is too an art. There are two types of drinkers in this world, one, who fills up the glass and gulp it like a cowboy and two, who takes their time with the drinks.


    Cowboys are long gone, and this era is all about gentility and appreciation.

    You must have seen whiskey tasters taking their sweet time, sniffing and swirling the pour and inhaling the aromas and finally, sampling a little bit at a time to savor all complex flavors.

    So this post will help you understand the art of slow whiskey drinking.

    Let it breathe

    Majority of the whiskey tasters who review whiskey after pouring it into the glass wait for good 15 minutes before drinking.


    The reason behind this is that whiskey just like wine takes its time to unfold its complexities.

    Some believe playing with the whiskey while letting it breathe, is the best way to experience a one of a kind taste.

    Whirl it in the glass, a gentle spin, not like a cyclone but more like Pique. You will be amazed at the change in taste.

    Speymalt Macallan turns into a whole another drink when given time to breathe; you can try it yourself.


    Addition of water

    Once you have experienced the real stuff, it is time now to unfurl the bona fide tastes of your whiskey.

    You don’t want to spoil the flavor entirely by adding more water than the whiskey itself, but it is for the best if you add a few drops.

    When you add amount as little as this in the whiskey, it breaks down the alcohol as little as needed.


    Whiskey Online Auctions

    If you want to feel the magic of this trick, St. Magdalene is the drink you must consider having.

    Respect the whiskey for maximum taste

    Some of the best bourbons in this world spend years in different or sometimes single casks just to serve you well.


    It is our moral responsibility to give the drink respect it deserves.

    You cannot gulp it as soon as you pour one in the glass. Divide a drink in at least ten sips; the results will surprise you.


  • Four Must-Try Single Malt Whiskeys

    It's a relatively common occurrence. Whisky drinkers preaching to each other the benefits and preferences of a certain brand, blend or expression. For every blended whisky drinker there is an equivalent single malt person. Who's right? It's hard to say because in the end it's all a matter of taste.

    Today we are talking about five best single-malted whiskeys; one should try once in her/his life.

    Alexander Murray Firestone Walker Polly Casks scotch

    alaxander murray

    Barrels used to make whiskey than to make beer and then again to mature whiskey.

    This crazy idea was put forth by Alexander Murray and Firestone Walker.

    Alexander Murray Firestone Walker Polly Casks scotch single malt double barrel aged is among the rarest of the whiskeys.

    Malty sweetness and honeycomb flavors along with anise are what it has in the taste department.


    Glenlivet Scotch single malt 21-year-old

    Glenlivet 21 year old


    Glenlivet Scotch is a gold medal winner alcohol. This ultimate whiskey is a castle in the air for every single malt lover.

    Oily walnuts with spice and sugar with a touch of winter fruitcake makes the taste fuller and more vibrant.

    If we talk about the finishing, it is long and sweet.


    Glenmorangie Signet Scotch Single Malt Highland

    Glenmorangie Signet

    Glenmorangie Signet Scotch single malt highland is a twice-distilled scotch which has been the reason behind numerous ‘clinks.’

    The scotch is best known for its syrupy, sweet taste. The drink ends with a rubbery dryness in the mouth.

    For people who love to keep it simple and pure, this drink is your drink.


    Glenfiddich Scotch Single Malt thirty year old


    wine talk

    This rich brown scotch, Glenfiddich Scotch Single Malt, is second gold medaled liquor on this list.

    Every cask of this thirty year older is claimed to be personally selected and nosed by the experts in the distillery.

    Luscious sherry notes, fruit and oaks are there in the smell and finishing of this single malt is honeyed, long and warm.

  • Four Must-Try Whiskies For Women

    Are you a whiskey-loving woman and looking to try some new drinks? Probably, you’re going to host a Bachelorette or a birthday party with a stunning collection of whiskeys.

    No matter what, our list of four popular girly alcoholic drinks will lend you and your guests a great time and unforgettable taste.


    The famous grouse scotch

    Famous Grouse

    This whiskey from early 19th century has been on top of the list for female drinkers for a long time now. The famous grouse scotch is as some of the drinkers recall “a fine Scottish brew.”

    Scotch is a, however, the best way to break the stereotypes as it has been considering a ‘manly’ drink for centuries.

    According to the experts, the taste of the whiskey is balanced and creamy malt with a hint of spice. No wonder it is the best selling whiskey in Scotland.

    Jameson Whiskey Blender’s Dog

    Jameson Whiskey Blender’s Dog

    The Whiskey Exchange


    Jameson Whiskey Blender’s Dog is the one which is receiving the love of ladies for quite a while now.

    Due to its creamy, rich taste with a sweetness of butterscotch you can find this Irish beauty in every female drinker’s bar.


    Green Spot Whiskey Pot Still

    This whiskey is “unquestionably one of the world’s greatest whiskeys “as described by Jim Murray.

    Green Spot Whiskey Pot Still


    Women love to know the essence of their drink, so when smelled, Green spot gives an impression of peppermint, and sugary porridge.

    The best thing about this whiskey is its aftertaste which leaves with a creamy, long finish and vanilla.


    Whistlepig Whiskey Rye

    Whistlepig Whiskey Rye



    Whistlepig Whiskey Rye is the last whiskey on this list but not the worst.

    This Canadian treat is perfect for the ladies who are just switching to the whiskeys.

    The initial cherry and vanilla notes promise that the whiskey is softer than we usually expect from any whiskey.

    The ten-year-matured has powers to become one of your favorite sooner than later.

  • Whiskey and its minions

    Whiskey is not about pouring golden liquid into any glass shaped thing and chugging it.

    It is not beer.

    As the famous British writer James Joyce said once “The light music of whiskey falling into a glass --- an agreeable interlude.”


    Now like a sword needs a whetstone, whiskey has its fair share of minions.


    For people who aren’t familiar with the concept of bitters, these little minions rightly named as minions are class of liquor based flavorings agents.

    Bitters are usually used in the cocktails recipes, due to the power of providing strong tastes Bitters have got.

    It is sold in small bottles and is very strong it is better to know a thing or everything before trying it.

    Some bottles like Glenlivet Founders Reserved Scotch Single Malt are now offering bitters in their gift packs too.


    Source: ReserveBar

    Impressive covers

    You should never judge a book by its cover, but there is no such rule for the whiskey. Beautiful covers are the trademark of tasty whiskey and, there are not many arguments about it. Some may use the handmade glass some uses the handmade wooden covers and then there is Old Rip Van Winkle 25 Year Old Bourbon.

    old van

    Source: Raffle Creator

    This beauty is housed in a handmade glass decanter with individual numbering and, a hand finished silver stopper.

    It comes in a handmade wooden box, with bourbon certificate of authenticity, numbered and signed by the legend Julian Van Winkle himself.


    If whiskey is the angel glasses are its vessel, which is the reason behind every whiskey lover’s glass collection.

    So companies now have decided to sell the glasses along the bottles, Hennessy Cognac VSOP Maeda best dummy for it.hennessy_cognac_vsop_maeda_limited_edition_gft_pk_glasses_france_750ml_

    Source: Remedy Liquor

    The whiskey itself is delicious and, the glasses are mesmerizing, enough to make any whiskey lover drool.

    That’s all folks! These are some of the chief minions of whiskey without which the liquid is incomplete.

  • Whisky Cocktails – Mixing Up the Liquid Gold

    Greek classic Homer called olive oil “the liquid gold,” but for whiskey lovers, if anything is liquid gold it is whiskey itself.

    But, unlike gold, the whiskey goes above par when mixed with certain things, we call it a cocktail. Let’s discuss some of the all-time best and some brand new cocktail recipes.


    Irish coffee

    Irish coffee is one of the most traditional whiskey related cocktails there is. There is nothing much in it but only sugar, whipped cream, Irish Whiskey and of course the coffee.


    Jack and Coke

    The most popular whiskey cocktail of the earth is second on our list. It is the most American drink ever. In addition to that, it is the simplest; you can prepare it anywhere.

    Just add some Coca-cola to 60 ml Jack Daniels, and you are good to go.

    jack and coke

    Espresso Old Fashioned


    Another classic, for this drink you need double shot espresso, bourbon and an eleven inches lemon peel.

    Pour espresso and bourbon into a shaker filled with ice and then stir it for 30 minutes.

    Put the mixture into a glass twist lemon peel over the drink or rub around the rim of the glass, we have an Espresso Old fashioned all set to drink.

    Whiskey Sour

    If there is anything simple in this world, then it is this drink. The whiskey sour is a mix of whiskey, lemon juice, lime juice and powdered sugar.


    Plainly take a shaker with lid, add two shots of whiskey, juice of four lemons, juice from two limes and four teaspoons powdered sugar.

    Shake the mixture till sugar dissolves and serve it in a stylish glass, on rocks.

    Consequently, these four whiskey-based cocktails cover the classics and the modern section equally.

    Hope these recipes may help you in the manner you like, cheers!

  • Review: Glenlivet Scotch Single Malt 15yr

    Today we are going to review Glenlivet scotch single malt 15-year old for scotch lovers, This guide will make your purchasing decisions easy and quick.

    History of the Scotch

    During the early 19th century illegal distilleries were familiar with the wind in Speyside, Scotland.

    After the introduction of Excise Act in 1823, one of the first people to get the license was George Smith; this is how the Glenlivet Distillery started.

    Following the distillation, a portion of Glenlivet scotch single malt 15 years is matured in French Oak, which typically is reserved for this purpose only, which provides it its spiciness.

    Glenlivet Scotch - Gold for Eyes

    Glenlivet scotch single malt 15-year-old is genuine gold for the eyes when neat its color is golden hue.

    15 yrs

    Source: Love Bird Love Nest

    Nose and taste receptor cells

    People who know their drinks can tell you the taste and if the alcohol is worth drinking or not merely by smelling it. As far as Glenlivet scotch single malt 15 years is concerned, it has this warmer, liquorish and creamy, chocolaty aroma with a touch of orange.

    It is said to be giving the impression of 18, much older than it is.

    all the years

    Source: Dude for Food

    If we dare to talk about the taste receptors, this scotch is thinner, have apples, tropical fruitiness, fig, ripe pineapple and insinuates that is has been spiced with clove, ginger, and cinnamon.

    The Aftertaste

    The scotch has a lasting taste, with a sense of dryness in the mouth with a peppery note may be because of the cinnamon.


    Source: Winecosmo

    Blend with water or not?

    We won’t recommend this! It will make the drink less lathery, less tardy and pretty much falls apart with even a little addition of water.

    The taste chances too, a generic fruity sweeter taste arises with water.

    Final Verdict

    It is a perfect scotch, and it gives one the value of his/her money, just serve it neat and gather all the compliments from guests.

  • The Whisky Lover’s New York City Guide

    If you love to travel and enjoy whiskey anywhere you go, then New York is one of the best places you can visit anytime. Whether you aim to know more about the New York whiskey bars or just want to have a few sips of the dark brown stuff, we will guide you to some of the best whiskey bars in New York. But before going to enjoy the best whiskeys and bourbons, here are a few things to consider, which makes your trip more comfortable and hassle-free.

    Wherever you go out for some drinks in New York, wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Another important thing to consider is to plan your budget wisely as there is a high possibility of spending your entire savings in the very first bar you visit in New York. So, it's important to plan how much you will spend in each place and how much in the entire day.

    New York whisky guide


    You will find most of the bars closed until late afternoon, so you can spend your time doing some shopping. After four in the afternoon, you can visit the Brandy Library in Tribeca which is one of the most luxurious and comfortable places to sip in. Now let’s know about the some of top whiskey bars in the city.

    Noorman’s Kil

    We bet there is no place in the world better than Noorman’s Kil for those who love whiskey with grilled cheese. At Noorman’s Kil you can choose from a list of whiskey brands and enjoy it with a g-cheese with hot sauce and cilantro on sourdough. Here you will find whiskey brands from the US as well as imported from Scotland, Sweden, Ireland and some Asian countries.

    New York whisky guide


    ISLE of SKYE

    The ISLE of SKYE is another best place where you can find a variety of whiskeys and scotch. You will definitely like the place as it looks like a den inside a castle and has the most comfortable couches to relax and enjoy your drinks.

    New York whisky guide



    Highlands is a scotch centric tavern and bar located in a beautiful village of New York which specializes in serving Scotch. Here, in this Scottish bar, you can have Scotch served by a Scottish bartender, who will also serve you Scotch eggs. You can choose from a variety of over 100 whiskey brands.

    New York whisky guide



    At Maysville, you can find unlimited varieties of whiskeys, bourbon, rye and wheat whiskey. In addition to a variety of whiskeys, the restaurant offers you the most delicious southern comfort food such as braised pork.

    New York whisky guide


    These are just a handful of the best bars in the city that never sleeps; there are more places to visit and enjoy not only the drinks but the precious moments of your time. You can make your trip to New York more enjoyable by following the above city guide.



  • Pairing Whiskey With Steak and Other Fine Meats

    There are many ways to pair and enjoy your whiskey with steak. When you want to pair the whiskey with the right type of meat, here are a few things that you should consider. You should consider the fat content of the meat, how it is prepared as well as the sauces or flavors you need to add to your dish.

    Turning towards the drinks, your drink should be like something robust that actually adds flavor to your palate. As you have cooked or ordered a delicious steak, it needs to be accompanied by the right kind of drink. Whether you are planning to enjoy roasted beef, tri-tip or a rare filet, there are a lot of whiskeys and you can choose from. Some people will love to have ribeye with an Islay Scotch such as Ardbeg Uigedail or Lagavulin 16, while others may consider filet or sirloin with a more subtle smoother vintage.

    Now let's check some combinations of whiskey's and steaks that you can consider to plan your next dinner.

    Michter’s US1 Straight Rye with Skirt Steak

    whisky with steak


    Fat equals flavor, so it might not always be good to have a leaner steak with a glass of whiskey. Michter’s US1 Straight Rye which comes in a variety of flavors is good to combine with a great skirt steak.

    Redemption Rye with Ribeye Steak

    whisky with steak


    As both the whiskey and meat become complex and rich in flavors by aging. The tastes and flavors found in ribeye steak are finally met by the Redemption Rye. The top whiskey Redemption Rye, when combined with flavored ribeye steak, offers you a great taste of smoothness and lingering finish.

    Buffalo Trace Bourbon with Pork Belly

    whisky with steak


    Pairing Pork Belly with a decent whiskey is a great culinary combination with a lot of flavored elements. That the reason why many barbecue restaurants have a variety of whiskeys to combine with slow cooked pork belly. Buffalo Trace Bourbon is a great choice to pair with a delicious pork belly.

    Pork Chop with High West Rendezvous Rye

    whisky with steak


    If you like pork chop whether roasted or grilled, it needs a great whiskey to enjoy its delicious taste. High West Rendezvous Rye is the best whiskey that you can pair with the pork chop as it won’t overpower its delicious flavors. High West Rendezvous Rye is a great choice on its own, when combined with pork chop will definitely enhance its taste and make your dinner more enjoyable.

    These are some of the best combinations of whiskeys and steak that you can consider while planning a dinner with your friends or any occasion.

  • Jane Walker: A Female Counterpart of Johnnie Walker! Is That True?

    Jane Walker is ruling the air as a fame-stricken woman who holds the eyes that have a glance at her. A striding woman is ready to move ahead of Johnnie Walker with her head held high and feet in 6-inch heels. Whether it would satisfy the claim of being Johnnie Walker’s counterpart or not is to be seen.

    Jane Walker Whisky


    The labels of the Jane Walker have been submitted to the US Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. If rumors are to be believed, the trademark name would be used for “alcoholic beverages except for beer.” It was to be on tables in 2016 but was delayed after the presidential elections.

    Diageo has always been in limelight for the services it confers for the empowerment of women. It has recently been awarded in the FTSE 100 for the women on board and in the leadership roles. Amidst all the goodwill, Jane Walker is rumored to be launched on March 8 this year as a gift to the women worldwide on International Women’s Day.

    Johnnie Walker or Jane Walker

    Johnnie Walker has been ruling the tables since the mid-twentieth century. It represents a class since then. It’s to be seen whether Jane Walker would run close Johnnie Walker in flavors and taste or it would stand apart as more feminine; being subtle and scented.

    Jane walker whisky


    The way Jane Walker is being put up, it seems to represent the empowered women and thereby is expected to stay in the character of the same. But it won’t be easy to match the echelon of Johnnie as it’s the master of jacks since inception.

    Even women across the globe are infatuated by Johnnie Walker. Whether men will be smitten with Jane Walker is the story that we would come up with after March 8.


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