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Monthly Archives: January 2018

  • Bourbon Vs. Scotch: Let’s Understand the Difference?

    Bourbon and scotch are two most admirable whiskeys around the world. But if you think you could drink bourbon when you crave for scotch and vice-versa, you should think again. Both whiskeys are strongly associated with their places of origins and that’s where major difference lies.

    Bourbon Vs. Scotch


    Besides their place of origin, there are many factors that make these whiskeys unique. The next time you order a Bourbon or Whisky remember these fine points that can help you differentiate between these drinks.

    They differ by location!

    A good scotch whiskey comes from Scotland. On the other hand, Bourbon can be made in any American state.

    Bourbon and Scotch Differ from Ingredients!

    The first major difference between Bourbon and Scotch lies in their composition and ingredients.

    There’s a basic recipe for Bourbon whiskey that must be followed. Corn and other essential ingredients (rye, barley, and wheat) give it the typical but still variable taste.

    Bourbon Vs. Scotch


    On the other hand, 100% malted barley is used for making your favorite Scotch whiskey. Also, wheat also finds a place in the ingredient list of the popular whiskey of Scotland.

    And, these are the ingredients that lend both drinks their unique tastes.

    Taste Uniqueness

    When it comes to Bourbon whiskey, it’s sweeter than Scotch and even any other type of whiskey. With notes of cinnamon, toffee, and vanilla, it will please your taste buds in a different way.

    On the other hand, Scotch whiskey can taste salty, spicy and rich depending on the variety you choose. Yes, this whiskey offers much more, when it comes to flavors.

    So, next time you have any of the two drinks, do remember why they are different. I bet that interest in such fine details will eventually make you more knowledgeable about such stuff.

    Do you know more difference between Bourbon and Scotch whiskey? Let us know in the comment section below.

  • Top 5 Hollywood Whiskey Moments

    Do you experience a craving for drinking every time you hear the word whiskey in a movie or TV show? Here, in this post, we have mentioned some of the best whiskey moments in the history of Hollywood. Let’s have a look at the Hollywood’s top 5 whiskey moments.

    Johny Walker in Blade Runner Movie

    Top 5 Hollywood Whiskey Moments


    The Hollywood classic movie Blade Runner released in 1982 starred Harrison Ford who was seen having whiskey shots in multiple scenes. The glasses and bottles shown in the party scenes resemble the bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label. The actor played the role of a detective was seen having wine or beer in hand which seems that he handles every case with drinks in hand.

    Scotchy Scotch Scotch in Anchorman

    Top 5 Hollywood Whiskey Moments


    Anchorman is one of the Hollywood’s top comedy films, which feature the famous actor Will Ferrell. Although the actor performs the scotch scene only for a few seconds in the opening credits, it left a memorable impression on the viewer's mind. Now, whenever I hear the word scotch, the very first thing comes to my mind is the scotch scene in Anchorman.

    Withnail and I

    Top 5 Hollywood Whiskey Moments


    This is another movie which I would mention under the Hollywood’s top 5 whiskey moments. The actor is seen drinking lighter drinks in a scene but a sheer amount of the whiskey he drinks. A part of those drinks was made up using thirteen types of whiskeys. Yes, you hear it right, the drink was a made up using thirteen whiskeys.

    James Bond

    Top 5 Hollywood Whiskey Moments


    James Bond is a detective character played by several actors in Hollywood movies from time to time. In his latest movies, he pointed out the whiskey as his drink of choice. Bond never opted for anything other than The Macallan. The actor is seen drinking several expressions of The Macallan in his latest movie outings.

    28 Days Later

    Top 5 Hollywood Whiskey Moments


    28 Days Later is a Hollywood horror movie starring Brendan Gleeson who grabbed almost all types of malt in the movie. He was seen filling his basket with Lagavulin 16, which was recognized through green colored boxes with the brands seal on the top.

    Don't forget Hollywood also enjoys it's libations.

  • Whiskey Drinking Trends 2018

    Stepping ahead of the category-loyalty, the consumer base is evaluating the whiskeys according to the flavours and taste. All sorts of innovation and enhancement in flavours are being welcomed. This positive outlook is empowering the existing brands to go on with the experimentation.

    whiskey trend 2018


    The age statements won't hold ground in 2k18. The blended is in with a wide range of flavours that are being cherished by the millennial specifically. Different techniques are successfully being used to age these whiskeys to satisfy our taste buds. The forward-thinking production techniques prepare these young whiskeys with flavours.

    Here are top 5 whiskey trends you’ll see around in 2018.

    Scotch Whiskey Is Rising

    The popularity of scotch whiskey is growing among the youngsters as it’s easily approachable and trending all over the world. The blended scotch is reaching the markets by luring flavours and presentable packaging.

    Organic Scotch Is Taking Over

    The distilleries preparing organic scotch avoid the use of artificial colours for enhancing the appearance of whiskey. It represents a class all onto itself.

    Bourbon Is To Be Cherished This Year

    In the spring of 2017, consumers of bourbon reached to 26.26 million in a single month the U.S. The trend across the bourbon is very positive right now. What makes it so popular is is versatility. It is served in a variety of manners including neat, diluted with water and on the rocks.

    whiskey trend 2018


    Let’s Not Forget Single Malts

    “The single malts category is gaining momentum and shares since there is growing consumer interest in ‘craft’ products,” says Sandhya Padmanabhan, senior brand manager, Johnnie Walker for Diageo. It’s known for its innovations and non-age statements.

    Canadian Whiskey Is Setting The Bars High

    The flavoured iterations and high rye expressions of Canadian Whiskey are all set to mark their presence in 2018. Although not synonymous for their whiskeys, new enthusiasm is mounting among the products from these distillers.

    Stay tuned for more exciting developments this coming year.

  • Nose Whiskey in 6 Easy Steps

    Struggling to unlock the hidden notes in your dram? You don’t need exceptional nasal skills for nosing whiskey.

    A bit of patience, an open mind, some good whisky and of course a little guidance is all you need.

    Here is a step-by-step guide to getting your nose in the game of whiskey sniffing.


    Step 1: Know the World’s Whisky Regions

    While taking the first step into the wonderful whisky world, it’s a good idea to get to know about the aromatic traits of world’s whisky regions.

    Step 2: Take the Right Glassware

    nosing whiskyZocalo

    A tulip-shaped glass with the wide base tapered neck is bets for nosing whisky. It gives the dram surface space to breath and channels the aromas and alcohol upwards.

    Step 3: Give It a Swirl

    Now, just give it a little swirl but be gentle otherwise you will end up wearing your whisky. Agitating the whiskey opens up the aroma even more.

    Or, just place your hand on the glass and give it a shake. Rub your hands and give them a smell. You will get the feel of a field of barley.

    Step 4: Inhale

    nose whiskyBestdecantersets

    Next, get your nose right into the glass. Keep your lips parted while breathing to avoid nose prickle.

    Step 6: Decipher the Aroma

    How was the smell? Was it like a strawberry jam or something fruity or spicy? Let’s get a bit more specific.

    Scotch usually has 8 umbrella aromas such as cereal, fruity, floral, peaty, feint, sulfur, woody and winey.

    Similarly, bourbon and other whiskeys have their own set of aromas. Guide your nose to feel the specific whiff.

    Step 7: Enjoy

    nosing whiskyHuffpost

    Now you are ready to have a sip and enjoy.

    Some drams may call for some specific attention, but you are not giving an exam. Just relax and don’t stress out about learning every aroma.

    You can merely prompt your nose by following the above steps with a little practice and patience.

    Pour yourself a dram and enjoy!

  • Five Unusual and Lucrative Jobs in Whiskey Industry

    Dreaming about entering into the spirits industry? If you have the passion for getting your hands on some oddball opportunity, here are 5 unique jobs that the industry has to offer.

    Unusual Jobs in Whiskey IndustryCoolmaterial


    Unusual Jobs in Whiskey Industry-snifferHiconsumption

    Got a nose of a bloodhound? Your freakish sense of smell can get you a job of a sniffer in the distilling industry. You just have to sniff a new distillery’s product and analyze it to determine what needs to be improved in its process.

    Brewing Professor

    Would you like to teach the world to brew? If yes, you can take this job. Many institutes offer courses like beer production, quality control, brewing microbiology, raw materials and wort production.

    If you have the depth knowledge in brewing, you can become one of the acclaimed brewmasters.

    Hops Breeder

    Unusual Jobs in Whiskey Industry-hops breederContentful

    Hops are the most crucial ingredients in the whisky world. A slew of experimental hops has been produced by breeders to get better yields, make it more pest-resistant, or delicious. Anyone who is more into growing flowers can take the venture of a hops breeder.

    Leak Hunter

    If you never mind spending countless hours sharing with the angels, this is for you. The job of the leak hunter is perhaps the most romantic but certainly crucial when it comes to minimizing the wasted bourbon.

    They are employed in gigantic bourbon warehouses to follow their noses and eyes in hunt of leaking whiskey barrels. Once they find out a leak, they begin repairing the barrel with a handful of cedar chips and a mallet.

    Distillery Mouser

    Unusual Jobs in Whiskey Industry-mouserDailyrecord

    Do you have a cat with a proven record of mouse kills? There is an exciting job open only to cats. As distilleries are usually plagued by mice, it needs resident mousers to keep breweries and distilleries free of mice.

    Welcome to the amazing world of alcohol!

  • 5 Most Beautiful Distilleries Around The World

    Ever fantasized how it feels to imbibe a whisky in its natural habitat? Enjoying a wee dram in the eye-catching distilleries is something you must experience.

    There are striking distilleries that beacon the whisky tourists with doors flung wide open. So, let’s have a glance at the 5 drop-dead stunning distilleries around the world.

    beautiful distilleries around the world Aldouriecastle

    Hakushu Distillery, Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan


    If you are a passionate lover of whisky, you should never miss visiting this lofty destination in Japan.

    Suntory’s Hakushu distillery lies 700 meters above sea level while engrossed by a thick forest at the base of Mt. Kai-Komagatake.

    Allowing a fresh, herbal quality to shine, the Hakushu’s whisky captures its essence from the serene landscape.

    Maker's Mark, Kentucky, USA

    Maker's Mark-beautiful distilleries around the world Amazon

    The whimsy of this prominent American Maker’s Mark whisky is something you can’t ignore.

    For more unforgettable experience, have a tour to their place. Witnessing how they make their whisky firsthand will take you on a high ride of the whisky world.

    Old Jameson, Dublin, Ireland

    Irish distillers- beautiful distilleries around the world Lingualearnenglish

    Fan of Irish whisky? Head straight to Dublin, Ireland. The picturesque distillery was the first set up back in 1780 and soon become a classic whisky cocktail destination for every whisky fanatic.

    The Glenfiddich, Dufftown, Scotland

    Glenfiddich- beautiful distilleries around the world Gannett-cdn

    Countless distilleries can be spotted on the magnificent Scottish landscape renowned as a whisky lover’s paradise.

    However, the most famous scotch whiskys, Glenfiddich, are distilled in verdant valley of Scottish highlands. You will love to soak up the scenery and capture the beauty once you get there.

    Lagavulin Distillery, Port Ellen, Isle of Islay

    Lagavulin- beautiful distilleries around the world Maltandoak

    Roosted by the bay in the South of Islay, the breathtakingly beautiful distillery will let you witness the zest of the island seeping into the whisky.

    Somewhat remote and undeniably spectacular craggy scenery makes this distillery a must-see place for any whisky aficionado.

    Bottoms up!

  • Beginner's Guide to Picking the Right Whisky

    Are you a greenhorn in the world of whisky? Well, getting a foothold in the whiskey world is a daunting prospect for the uninitiated. You have no idea about what to try and where to start.

    Hence, to get you on your way, we’ve compiled a helpful starter guide on how to pick the right whisky if you are an absolute newbie.

    beginner's guide to whiskeySquarespace


    beginner's guide to whiskey


    Fascinated to whiskey but not ready to deal with the pretentiousness around it? Get started with bourbon. Its sweetness, flavor, and smoothness in abundance can make you fall for this amazing whiskey. Moreover, it can be a nice gateway to more complex things. You can start off with Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Basil Hayden's bourbon or Wild Turkey.

    Do you like it? Oh, you don’t? Let’s move on to the next then.

    Irish whiskey

    beginner's guide to whiskeyWallywine

    Looking for a Kick off start with a chilled-out drink to enjoy with friends or on your own? Time to give an Irish whisky a try. Smooth, relaxed and rounded, this whiskey seems so perfect with its sweetness. Jameson and Bushmills original is the fantastic choice for the new drinker to embark.

    Canadian whisky

    beginner's guide to whiskeyWorldwidebev

    Need something different? Take a sip of Canadian whisky and decide. You may find it quite similar to bourbon in taste. They are crafted suit really differentiated spirits, styles and flavor profiles. You can begin your journey with Canadian Mist Whisky. Notes of wood, pepper, citrus, grains and chocolate, followed by flavors of roasted nuts, spices and vanilla in this exceptional whiskey makes your taste bud rejoice.

    American whiskey

    beginner's guide to whiskeyCaskers

    Explore different, spicy, powerful flavors of the whisky world with the American whiskey. From smooth and sweet to spicy, rich and punchy, there are too many flavors to indulge in when it comes to American whiskey. You can initiate your whisky venture from the absolutely superb Balcones Baby Blue enriched with the toffee and oak notes.

    Now, try a dram and say cheers!

  • Peated Whiskey – All You Need To Know About

    Peated whiskey! Ah, the most polarizing whiskey flavor in the world. Anyone who swears by it can’t imagine sipping whiskey which is not peat.

    Wondering what’s a peated alky and what makes it this much lovable? Read on to learn more about peated whisky.

    What is Peat?

    peat whisky


    Peat is a mossy accumulation of decaying vegetation and animals over thousands of years. The word “peaty” describes a range of flavors it provides, which varies according to how and where is it harvested. Some substances of peat are woody, and some are watery.

    Peat is harvested by cutting it into small sloppy slices of ‘sod, which are stacked in pyramids and left to dry. After 2-3 weeks later, you’ll get some tough peat bricks that contain more energy than coal.

    Using Peat For Making Whiskey

    peat whiskey


    Many people think peat is watery that lends whiskeys their peated taste. But, actually, it’s in the smoke!

    Damp malt or barley grain is exposed to peat fire smoke to arrest germination for whiskey production. The smoke produces phenols, which malted barley absorbs. The amounts of time barley grains are exposed to the smoke decide the spirit’s flavor. Normally, damp malt is dried for about 30 hours.

    Dried malt is mashed, and the peatiness is measured by phenol Parts Per Million (PPM). Traditionally, distilleries had been using fuels such as wood or coal to dry malt. Nowadays, hot air is also used to produce classic unpeated barley.

    How Peat Influences Whiskey Flavor?

    Peat adds various tasting notes such as medicinal, smoky, herbal, saline, nutty, sulfuric, soapy, bonfire-like, diesel, burning tires or even bacon.

    Next time you say “your whiskey tastes peaty,” open up your bottle, swallow and have the real pleasure of drinking alky.

    Just find a good peated whiskey, like Longrow Scotch Single Malt Peated Campbeltown, to experience the authentic flavor.

  • World Whiskey Day 2018 – Celebrate The Water of Life


    world whisky day 2018


    Day: 19 May 2018

    If you ask ‘what is World Whiskey Day”, the simplest is: it’s the biggest festival of whiskey connoisseurs on a global scale. Celebrated on third Saturday of May every year, the day calls everyone, regardless of their country, to come and try a dram. Whiskey events are organized all over the world, some of which are free while some are ticketed.

    If no event is happening around you, why not host your own World Whiskey Day party? Just get some bottles of whiskey, invite your friends, have some music and voila!

    Hosting A Whiskey Event

    It’s almost free and easy. Just plan your event and register it on the World Whiskey Day official website with a title, description, and a picture. Once registered, you’ll enjoy access to free downloadable promotional material for your event.

    world whisky day 2018


    World Whiskey Day is not About Becoming a Grog Artist!

    Important to remember, World Whiskey Day encourages celebrating all types of whiskeys responsibly. Instead, this day means enjoying different toothsome and rare whiskeys and meeting many new, fun people, without being exclusive or prescriptive.

    Though you can enjoy your favorite whisky the way you want – with ice, neat, water blended, whatever makes you feel good.

    Even if you are new to whisky and want to enjoy it, these events will give you lots of information on the history of whisky, process of making it and also about the best whiskies in the world.

    All in all, the event is a must visit for everyone, whether you’re an alky aficionado or a newbie.

    Let’s have a quick read about World Whiskey Day history!

    Blair Bowman founded World Whiskey Day in 2012 when he was a student at the University of Aberdeen. Now, White Light Media, Edinburgh owns it, with two official whisky ambassadors - Joe Kent and Aly Mathers.

    Start planning now, folks! It’s just about 4 months away.



  • Passport Blended Scotch – What Makes Brazilians Crazy About It?

    A kind of sub-Chivas Regal, Passport Blended Scotch has magnetized the Brazilians! It is a perfect fusion of the rich flavors of Lowland, Highland and Speyside whiskeys.

    passport scotch whisky

    Landed as an excellent introduction to the world of Scotch, Passport is an exotic whiskey with a medium body and modern palate. Its tang is smooth elegance due to which, no less than one million cases are sold yearly. Here we have jotted down an overview of Passport Blended Scotch, which will surely make you crave for it.

    Profile and History of Scotch

    Passport Scotch is a classic blend of Pernod Ricard. It was developed by Chivas Brother’s blender Jimmy Lang in 1960s. It is a Chivas blend that has embraced single malts Scotch including Strathisla and modern distillery, Glen Keith.

    Passport Blended Scotch was created to lure the consumers who liked the lighter blend and was destined selling overseas. It has gold to amber appeal in the glass and is bottled at 40% abv (alcohol by volume).

    Passport blended scotch whisky

    Nose and Taste

    Passport Blended Scotch reveals a youngish, soft, and a bit creamy. The tones on the nose of sweet vanilla and certain floral can easily entice anyone. The sweetness of cereal and honey merge with the sharper woodiness touch. Also, tang follows the flow with a tinge of peat ash note. In the end, it unwinds sweet and short-lived warmth.

    This austere appearing whiskey bottle has mesmerizing tones and flavor, which makes it the best Scotch ever. Apparently, it is making people Brazilians crazy. There is no doubt that Passport Blended Scotch is driven by its strong performance in the Brazil and Mexico.

    With its incredible and unique tang, it is experiencing increasing popularity and is ready to reach the pinnacle. Well, the Passport Blended Scotch has already begun its journey of dominating the kingdom of whiskey.

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